Aéro Résidences

Phase 2

We are extremely please to announce the very successful completion of the Phase 2. As of July 2019, students began occupying these beautifully designed, modern and highly functional studios.

This Residence has a common area room located in the basement for students to gather and fraternize, while they enjoy playing pool, watching or gaming on our 2 flat screen T.V’s, or working on schoolwork in groups at our large conference tables. Also available are the laundry room and bike storage room.

There are 3 main unit layouts of studios designated as follows:

  • Single occupation studio;
  • Double occupation studio; and
  • Double occupation semi-private studio.
    There are 3 versions of the double occupation semi-private studio, which are:
    • regular
    • corner
    • adapted

Please refer to the floor plan layouts, renderings and pictures below.

To refer to the Price List, please click here.

Single occupation studio

Double occupation studio

Double occupation studio semi-private - Regular

Double occupation studio semi-private - Corner

Double occupation studio semi-private - Adapted

Common areas