Aéro Résidences

Advantages of living at Residences Aero

Students: Save time and money!

Say goodbye to crowded buses and calculating transportation costs. Our residences are just steps away from school so instead of waking up early to catch your bus, you’ll be able to spend your extra time studying or getting extra hours of precious sleep. You’ll also save money by not needing to pay the hefty monthly transportation pass.

Created to be both comfortable and budget friendly, we make sure that our residences are as live-in ready as possible and include both heating and electricity in the rent. Each unit has its private kitchen, bathroom and shower, and have everything you need included—fridge, stove, bed base, desk, kitchen table and blinds!

  • heating and electricity icon Heating and electricity included
  • bathroom in every studio icon Your own private bathroom and shower
  • eat lunch at home icon Eat lunch at home
  • get home safely icon Get home safely every day
  • clock, be on time to school icon Always on time to class
  • never be late to school icon Stay late at school and get back home if class is cancelled